Why use air medical services?

Air medical services means the intervention or use of aircraft or helicopters to evacuate a patient. This method has been used since the First World War and continues to be used today. Although land ambulances exist to quickly connect the patient's home and the hospital, some people resort to using aeroplanes. This is because of its advantages. This article will give you more details.

They are ultra-fast

The speed at which flying aircraft operate is no match for land ambulances. In a crisis, the patient's home may be a long way from a specialist hospital. As planes and helicopters are faster than cars, they can move quickly and in record time. They are increasingly used by trauma patients. In fact for these patients there is the concept of <<the golden hour>> which is in order. This is important, because with a small delay, the patient can lose their life. For more information, go to https://medevacexpress.com/. Also to evacuate patients across borders, air medical services are the order of the day.

Provides temporary treatment for patients

Another advantage of air medical services is their provision of medical equipment. In these types of aircraft, the equipment is in place to provide first aid to patients. As soon as a patient is inside, he or she is given the usual care that will keep him or her alive. This is a temporary approach until a qualified hospital is landed. In the more specialised aircraft, there is state-of-the-art equipment that provides comprehensive treatment for the patient.

Personalised flight plan

Medical aircraft are different from commercial airlines in that they allow themselves to get closer to the patient. For a patient in need of emergency treatment, these planes are recommended. This is because the aircraft does not make an untimely landing, but according to the requirements of the patient. The patient is free to schedule the take-off at the desired time and date. It should also be noted that air transport for patients is safe. There is no danger associated with it.