What yoga exercises for beginners?

During the time of confinement or when one is free, one does not know what to do with this free time. Boredom rules. But it is a good time to do yoga exercises. If you don't know, you've come to the right place. This article offers you yoga exercises for beginners.

Temple pose

The temple pose is a simple exercise. That's why it's for beginners. By continuing reading you can find out more. How does it work? First, you will face each other three feet apart. One of you will put your foot on the other's shoulder. Next, you will raise both your arms over your head. Now you have to bend forward in the direction of your partner. Do not stop until your arms rest on each other. In this action, you can go backwards in order to find the right length.

Also, try to get into a pump position with your chest towards the floor and your back straight. It is important that your back is straight. Then try to inhale and exhale deeply before starting to lower your body by slowly lowering your arms. 

Chair Pose

Chair Pose is very much for couples. To begin, you need to spread your feet shoulder width apart. But this is done with your back to each other. This is where you will begin the Chair Pose as you and your partner seek to support each other by pushing your backs together. If you want more balance, simply cross your arms together. Continue this until your hips are a few degrees off the ground, or 90 degrees. With this activity, you must be able to communicate with each other, because one cannot go down without the other. Both descend at the same time. You breathe extremely deeply and then try to return to the initial position, very gently.