What material should I use to build a conservatory or glass dome?

In winter, to remember the warm days or evenings of summer, the ideal would be to opt for the installation of a winter garden or a glass dome. Practical and efficient, you have the possibility to enjoy the sun without being cold. Discover in the rest of this article, some materials to use to design a winter garden or a glass dome.

Which location to choose for a winter garden?

The garden must be properly oriented in winter so that the sun can penetrate well inside. For this reason, it is advisable to orient the winter garden or geodesic dome to the south. If the garden faces east, you will only get morning sun. If you face west, you will only get the evening sun. To take full advantage of the sun and its warmth, point your conservatory to the south. However, the materials used to design the conservatory play a key role in receiving the sun's heat. Natural stone floors store and transmit the sun's heat quickly.

What materials should be used to build a conservatory or glass dome?

Wood is the easiest material to use. With wood, you will be able to build your conservatory on a large size and thus provide the area for the installation of glasses. In addition to being ecological, wood is known to be an excellent thermal insulator. The disadvantage is its sensitivity to heat and its high price. You can also choose PVC for the construction of your conservatory or glass dome. However, it is ideal for small conservatories. PVC is easy to use and less expensive. However, it is not resistant to too hot temperatures and must be regularly checked. Aluminum is also a very effective material that you can use for your conservatory construction. It is known for its resistance to weather. It is also easy to clean and is suitable for large spaces. This material is much more expensive than others. For an excellent result, it is recommended to combine aluminum with wood.