Types of WeChat Official Accounts

As a business executive or just a business entrepreneur, to make it easier to develop your marketing plan and advertise your products on social media, it is necessary for you to think about creating a WeChat official account. So, what are the different types of WeChat Official Accounts available? Discover them here.

The official WeChat service account

A WeChat Official Account is a public account or a business account available on the Chinese social media platform WeChat which basically aims to enable businesses and entrepreneurs to promote products and services and gather followers. For more details, pop over here. Thus, it plays an important role in the advertising and marketing of these companies and entrepreneurs and comes in different types. First of all, we distinguish the official WeChat service account. Indeed, it is a recommended WeChat Official Account for small businesses who want to be at the top among all other WeChat Official Accounts. This type of WeChat account allows them four publications per month and provides them with mini we-websites programs, personalized menus, push notifications, an integrated CRM tool and a 48-hour period to respond to their customers and prospects.

The official WeChat subscription account

Subsequently, we distinguish WeChat subscription accounts which is another type of WeChat official accounts. Indeed, this is a WeChat account for truly content-driven businesses. It allows them to provide their subscribers with frequent and regular content. A WeChat official subscription account allows companies and entrepreneurs to regularly publish articles and services and benefit from a 48-hour period to respond to subscribers. Through this type of WeChat Official Accounts, these companies have access to basic functions of WeChat. Thus, to successfully create a WeChat official account, you must first have documents such as: a Chinese bank account, a Chinese business license, an original copy of the Chinese identity card and a registration of the business place in the territory Chinese.