Three things you should know about dragons

Dragons no longer exist today, but the myths that tell their legends vary in the different descriptions they give of the animal. You may see images that give dragons a certain appearance, but these don't always seem to fit. This article provides you with some key points to remember.

Wings, claws and a reptile tail

The main features you can start to give dragons are their wings, claws and reptile-like tail. On this point, many seem to agree on what dragons once looked like. Although it turns out that not all dragons had the same features, these three members were never missing from the description.

Legends depict dragons as lion-legged animals. Eastern dragons were as long as a giant snake. But each of them had wings, claws and their tails were the same.
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Dragons are confused with snakes

If you take away the legs and wings of a dragon, you get a giant snake without any mistake. This is also true because of several features that are typical of both animals. The first one being their body with a thin width. In addition you have the piercing look of the dragons which is exactly that of a snake which hypnotizes you squarely before attacking you.

A diverse origin

The third thing you need to know about dragons is that they do not have a fixed origin. Several myths and civilizations place them in several origins. They have origins in Africa, Asia and also in North America.