The levels of search engine optimization SEO

SEO is a practice that aims to increase traffic and visibility on your site and its referencing. It is therefore essential to take into account the search engines. Find in this article, 3 levels of SEO.

Configuring optimisation on your site

You can optimise your site by going to the website features, then to the SEO tile. Continued reading provides you with the steps to follow to optimise your site for search engines. You need to set up the pages you will find to optimise your site. You can add essential elements to the titles. You have the possibility to add other elements like images that can be published on social networks. It is also necessary to give the necessary details about your site to the visitors. Allow them to have a general idea about your website.

Set up the optimisation of your pages

On your website, you will have the ability to design everything. The features needed to optimise your pages are mainly found in the tabs that will direct you to it. This is the ideal place on your site to change the name of your page for example, or the general description of the page. Describe your fields accurately on your pages. It is advisable to respect a certain character margin as content on the page. Respect the margins so that you can keep to the essential content. Do not change the content of your page too much so that visitors can find you easily.

Set up the optimisation of your articles

You must respect the functionality of your articles in order to improve SEO. The SEO tab allows you to optimise your articles. You need to provide interesting information to make it easier for search engines to find your articles. Many people like to insert keywords to help visibility. However, this is a good idea. Keywords are just important terms in your article.