Preventing cyber attacks on business websites

The internet is a great means of communication and has the ability to help one communicate with thousands of people at the same time. This characteristic doesn't go unnoticed in the business world. Indeed as a company or a business today, it is vital to have a website in other to have a broader audience. A website gives a reputation to your company and make your products and services known everywhere across the world. Unfortunately, such websites are exposed to attacks that could partially or completely shut them down. There are few measures that could be taken in order to prevent this from happening.

What are the means of protection used against attacks?

Hacks and data breaches happens on daily basis. Generally, small business owners think they are not potential targets but the truth is, no business is safe from an attack. In fact, a report was made and it shows that 43% of the websites targeted are small businesses. There are various methods available in order to protect a website, ranging from self-help softwares to professional assistance. One of the methods involve the use of web application firewall. It is a great software that treats every single bit of information going through the website. That being said, it is recommended to hire professionals in order to assure the complete security of your website. For more information on how to protect your business, visit

Why are hackers targeting business websites?

A website could be attacked for numerous reasons. Most often motive is the money. Hackers tend to take a website hostage by infecting them with malware and taking complet control of them. They will then request a certain amount of money in exchange for not crashing the website. Other motives include spying or may even be related to a political point of view. As a business website, there are a lot of sensitive data stored in the database and they could be stolen and sold out to the wrong people for money.