Installation of smartcore flooring in a bathroom

The floor covering of a bathroom is above all a decoration, but above all it allows a certain resistance to the passage of users. For its installation, you don't necessarily need a specialist before doing it, you just need to follow some instructions. Continue reading this article to find out what these instructions are.

Steps to follow to install smartcore flooring in a bathroom

There are three steps to installing smartcore flooring in a bathroom. The first step is to prepare the necessary tools for the installation. For more details, going here. You will need a measuring tape that will allow you to take precise measurements of the flooring to be installed. You will also need spacers, the T-square, the pull bar, the rubber shirt, the punching block and the pencil. Once all these tools have been primed, the next step is to install the flooring. At this stage, the working space must be measured and the first plank placed until all the planks have been placed so that the bathroom floor is completely covered. Finally, the third step is to lay the floor, following the recommendations for a successful installation.

What are the most resistant floor coverings ?

Speaking of the most resistant floor coverings, there is first of all the solid parquet. The solid package is made of nothing but wood. It is a flooring that brings an irresistible charm to a room. Although it is resistant, it should be cared for or it will not last. Then you have laminate flooring. It is not as expensive as solid parquet and is also less durable than solid parquet. However, it has a certain resistance to moisture and stains. On the other hand, PVC flooring, which comes in tiles, strips and rolls, is a flexible floor covering. It is easy to install, thick and resistant to stains and moisture. Finally, cement tiles are also a very robust floor covering.