How to learn musical scores with the help of Beatles songs ?

Music is a science that exalts the soul of the listener or practitioner. So to strengthen one's musical abilities, there are several scores you can learn. What is a musical score? What types of musical scores exist? How do you practice learning sheet music with Beatles songs?  This article gives some tips on how to learn sheet music using Beatles songs.

What is a musical score?

A musical score is a musical work written with notes and signs on lines and spaces. Visit my site for more information. Scores are read by combining these various elements in a way that is pleasing to the ear.

What types of sheet music do we have?

We have several categories of scores, namely

- The score (full score) which has all the voices to be sung. The maestro uses it to conduct the orchestra.

- The pocket score, also known as the miniature score, which also allows the maestro to follow the orchestra. It is a simplification of the large score.

- The separate score which contains the parts to be performed by the instruments separately and the parts for the voices separately.

- Etc...

How to practice learning parts with Beatles songs?

First of all Beatles is a British musical quartet from England. They have released a number of songs that can be used to learn a score. Among these songs, we have :

- I Saw Her Standing There

This song is one of their first songs.  The technique used here is to make an impressive combination of the bass line and the rhythm guitar line.

- You can't do that

The musical feature noticed on this song is the 9 sharp on the 7th string and the percussion that goes with the tempo.

- I Call Your Name

The first part of this song starts with an E dominant seventh and moves to a C dominant seventh before moving to an F dominant seventh and ending with the B dominant seventh V chord.