How to install plugins on a spigot server ?

Is it necessary to adjust the functions of a server? To solve all your spigot server malfunctioning problems, just install a plugin on it. So, find out here in this article the different steps to install a plugin on a spigot server.

Use automatic installation

You might be wondering what a plugin is. A plugin is a tool that allows you to adjust additional functions to a software on a computer. It can also be called a plug-in or add-on. Indeed, you can install it directly from your Minecraft panel in the plugins tab. First click on the plugins tab then the spigot server category and install automatically. To go further, click here for more info.

If you happen to get lost in the procedures, follow these steps carefully. First, enter the search bars and click the keyword or plugin name in the search bars. Then select a plugin from the list and click install. And finally, you can choose the plugin version you want to use in the menu that will open, then validate your installation by clicking the install button and restart your spigot server now.

Proceed manually

You also have the ability to install your plugin manually, if the automatic installation option is not available. In fact, to do so you can use your FTP or Web FTP available directly from your panel. If you want to use Web FTP, first you will download the jar file of the plugin you want to use. Then go to your Minecraft panel and select the Web FTP category and double click on the plugins folder to go inside the folder.
Then, after entering the folder, double click on the plugin and drag and drop it inside the white area to start sending your file to the spigot server. And finally, restart your spigot server for the installation to be effective.