How do I get rid of geckos in my home?

Geckos are small animals that look like lizards and cause serious health problems. It is true that in some cultures these animals are considered to be gods, but in the West the sight of them causes discomfort. Discover in this article some tips to get rid of these animals from your home.

Peppers to get rid of geckos

You can use pepper to get rid of geckos. Geckos can't stand pepper, especially its smell, due to its irritating nature. Simply sprinkle high irritant pepper in the corners of the room as well as around your home to keep geckos away. Also, pepper is often used to get rid of insects. So it could be used to kill one stone with one stone. Feel free to search the internet for more home-themed tips and tricks.

Stick Traps

There are several ways to keep these beasts away from your home or even irradiated. The easiest way is to trap them with adhesive traps. To push them into your trap, put the sticky traps next to the lights. You can be sure that the light will naturally attract them into the trap. You can also put your traps next to windows, as these beasts love to lurk in these areas of the walls. Just stick your sticky trap to the wall in these strategic locations, and you're done.

Use eggshells to get rid of geckos

Eggshells are very effective instruments that you can use to get rid of geckos very quickly. In reality, geckos mistake eggshells for their predator. When they see the silhouette of the eggshells, they stay away or disappear from the area altogether. Place the eggshells in strategic locations such as doorways and around windows. Make sure the eggshells are clean, so change them within four days.