3 accessories for finding missing pets

The adventures of pets on the street don't look as fun as they do in cartoons. The loss of a beloved dog or cat is a tragedy for a family. Finding a frightened animal that has huddled in the basement or run off into neighbouring yards is not an easy task. Special gadgets and accessories will help.

Pet GPS trackers

Beacon technology for tracking coordinates has been successfully applied in pet products. For more details, check out the site. It locates the animal to within a few metres. The animal's movements can be monitored via a smartphone or computer. There are options for GPS trackers for dogs and cats. The gadget will be particularly useful for those who walk with a pet in a park, forest or take it to the countryside. If your pet gets lost, you don't have to sit around and wait while you post ads. You can start looking right away. Some devices are able to track a safe area: if a cat or dog has crossed the boundaries of the site, the device will send a notification.

Light collars

Lighted collars are not just a fashionable decoration, they can save your pet's life. An accessory with a lighted band is easier to spot when walking in the dark. If the pet runs out onto the road, drivers will see it and slow down. Collars can glow because of the built-in LEDs or the reflective coating. The first option is more expensive, but more reliable. Also, the LEDs are often USB charged.

Cat pendant with rhinestones

Often, people who have rescued a lost pet cannot find information about its owners. The easiest way to quickly contact the owner is an address tag, which is attached to a cat or dog's collar. You can put a note with contacts inside the pendant capsule or make a reliable engraving on the token.