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MomTV Show: News You Can Use


Hang in there peeps!  My girl, @mrsflinger will be helping me roll out a little snazzier edition of Political Mommentary in short order.  It will highlight the new MomTv show and also more video of the daily life of a Conservative thinker.  In the meantime, I just finished my show for the week and want to share my compilation of awesome material for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy!

Special Thanks to myGuest:

Jenny Erickson: RFC radio host (Wednesday nights at 9 CENTRAL) Listen here.

and conservative blogger:

Follow her on twitter: @JennyErickson

President and Pundits Handling Ft. Hood Shooting:

This is from NBC Chicago.  As @BrooksBayne said on twitter, “it’s like getting smacked down by your mother.”

Robert A. George blogs at @RobGeorge

This Leftist radio host is interesting Twitter follow and moonbat crazy:

@LeslieMarshall (Twitter stream mention) Democrat radio show host

Election 2009:

Insanity defined:

Youtube:docdetroit2006  Nancy Pelosi: “We Won Last Night”

Housecall on DC:

Tabitha Hale: Pink Elephant Pundit (Post on Housecall)

The Washington Independent: Pictures

Housecall DC Twitter Patriots:  Follow these folks:

@chosen7stone, @alpichard, @adussia, and @masoretic

Unemployment Rises; Numbers out Today:

The Heritage Foundation: Leadership for America


Healthcare Update:

Pelosi Plan:

OTHER NEWS: Unemployment Benefits Extended; Real Estate Tax Incentives Revised

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